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How do you address the public? Is there a handbook for proper blog etiquette? (I’m sure someone has already made it, so please no mad rush to the comments box to scold me.)

Anyways, I created the blog for a course I’m taking. That’s right! 21st century-style blogging at the University of Maryland, kids! It’s an LGBT course on the “Queer Conceptions of Race.” For all you LGBT virgins, that’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trangender; it you don’t know what those are, maybe you shouldn’t be on the internet yet. The class is fascinating…and crazy, mostly crazy. But on to the topic for which I meant to actually speak on:

Welcome? Hello! I’m glad you swung by…(If you thought practicing greetings was difficult in the mirror, don’t even bother opening up a blog. This is seriously murder.)

Formally, I’m happy that your internet browser accidently pointed you in my direction. If you’re here on purpose, I’m also happy that you’re here! I’m also slightly astounded that you bothered clicking through to the link on my Facebook or e-mail, but nonetheless, you are now a guest in my home! Stay as long as you like. I’d love to hear what you have to say…


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